Measure Governance Maturity

Empower your team with information security insight
from regular governance measurement

Keep your information security team from drowning in technical metrics. Give them the tools they need to make information security data business-relevant, useful and available for strategic and tactical decision making - start by simplifying governance measurement, connecting it with business context, and delivering a roadmap of critical path activities that helps everyone move information security forward.

Why start with governance? Because good governance can reduce your risk of security incidents by over 80%.

Leverage your team's knowledge, our tools and advisory support to build a plan that aligns your organization's strategic priorities with your information security needs.

Get the benefits

Clear ROI
Align information security investments with business goals, demonstrate value and partner more effectively with key stakeholders

Boost productivity
Focus the information security organization on the most urgent requirements and increase efficiency by concentrating limited resources on important task

Rapid insight
Gain strategic insight 10x faster than with traditional assessment methods, then leverage that information to focus your information security organization on the most pressing problems

Experts’ experience
Leverage an ensemble learning-based recommendation engine trained by information security experts to practically prioritize activities

Common language
With business impact as common ground, everyone across the business and technology can speak security and communicate requirements and rationale more effectively.

How we can help

  • By enabling simple, self-sufficient governance measurement through Asena: Business-driven information security
  • Providing advisory support for:
    • Holistic to mission specific scoped assessments
    • Roadmap development, from high level to detailed
    • Plan execution, from drafting policy to implementing security measures
    • Security awareness training
    • Regular maturity reviews to assess progress & re-evaluate