January 8, 2018

7 Scary Security Predictions (& Resolutions) for 2018

Information security has become a source of fear and uncertainty for many organizations, so this year’s scary security predictions are backed up by recommended New Year’s resolutions. If you’re unsure of how to action this advice, just talk to us. Artificial intelligence (AI) is dead, long live artificial intelligence – AI is an overused term and hard to achieve; the early stages of AI are mostly machine learning and a long way from nirvana. Information […]
December 1, 2016

Impact vs. risk: information security measurement for agile organizations

Successful information security organizations are often invisible; security is a pervasive but not onerous part of the company culture, process, and technology.  Data, people and other important assets are protected, but still dynamic.  Does this sound like your company?  Probably not … unfortunately, this agile organizational mecca is rare.  Too many information security organizations have a philosophy of “risk elimination”, which leads to the proliferation of granular risk measurement process and tools that require significant […]